Molly Pages combine HTML and Java on the server side. Molly is designed to be simple and transparently easy to use. The generated code is human readable and easy to debug.

If you like molly pages, then JSP becomes entirely un-necessary. That's a good thing because JSP sucks ass. (JSP tags are hard to type, visually noisy, hard to distinguish from HTML, and there is no HTML escape mechanism from within Java code, a.k.a "heredoc"). Molly was invented to overcome these shortcomings.

Molly pages are good for database driven web pages. Pure data requests from the client (AJAX, etc.) should be served using servlet/comet directly (not via molly pages)


A page is translated ("compiled") into a java class that implements the Page interface. A PageServlet then invokes the render method of the generated class when the page is requested by the browser.

This diagram shows this process graphically. See the specification page for more details.

A simple example

Here is a simple example of a molly web page. You can browse more examples of various page tags using the navigation bar above.

Hello, my name is:

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