An import section defines a java import block. The contents of the import section are placed as-is at the top of the generated page.

A current limitation of the molly parser is these imports cannot be included via a include directive. They have to be declared in the page itself (send me a patch if you have a fix).


Import sections can appear anywhere (and as many times as desired) in text sections.
import package.a.b.*;
import package.c;
Each import statement contained in this section must be a valid java statement. Just like in a regular java class, each import line should be of the form:
import package_declaration;


To prevent the tag from being recognized, this tag can be escaped by prefixing the start tag with a backslash: \[import


A molly page containing a import. Note each line within the import block also starts with an import keyword. This was done on purpose, such that import declarations can be cut and pasted into a molly page (this is another one of the many ways in which Molly is better than JSP, with JSP one has to hack existing import declarations off by hand).

import java.util.*;
import java.text.*;
List list = new ArrayList();
[=list.size()] item.

1 item.