Package fc.web.forms

Encapsulates HTML forms as java objects (Usage Diagram [in new window], Class Hierarchy Diagram).


Interface Summary
Dependency A dependency changes the values or state of some form element based on the user selection or choice of some other form element.

Class Summary
AbstractText Represents a field that: returns one (1) string as their value.
Checkbox Represents a HTML form's checkbox element.
CheckboxGroup Represents a grouped set of check boxes.
Choice Abstracts an HTML choice type such as choicebox or radio.
ChoiceGroup Abstracts a HTML grouped choice element type such as choicebox or radio.
ChoiceGroup.Choice Creates a new choice for this choice group.
DependentField A dependent field.
DependentSelect A dependent HTML DependentSelect field.
Field Represents an HTML form field.
Field.Type Encapsulates different types of HTML form elements.
FieldRef Keeps track of a set of related/grouped fields in a form.
FieldRefresher Refreshes the value of a field (or fields) before the field is displayed to the user.
FieldValidator Represents a form field validator.
Form Represents an HTML form.
FormData An object that contains form data submitted by a user.
FormSequence A container for a sequence of forms.
FormUtil Misc.
FormValidator Represents a form level validator that may examine more than one form field for a grouped/form level validation.
Hidden Represents an HTML hidden field.
MaxSizable Represents an HTML field that accepts a 'maxlength' html attribute
Password Encapsulates a password field.
Radio Represents a HTML form's radio element.
RadioGroup Represents a grouped set of radio buttons
RefreshableSelect An refreshable HTML Select field.
Select An HTML Select field
Select.Option Represents an option in the selection list
SubmitHackedHandler This class handles form submit data that may have been hacked/modified by the client.
TestDependency A test dependency implementation.
TestTimedRefresher A test implementation of a timed refresher.
Text Represents an HTML text field
TextArea A HTML TextArea
TextArea.WrapType From the HTML spec:
OFF disables word wrap.
TimedRefresher Refreshes the initial value of a field at some periodic interval.
VConditional Validates that certain conditions in one or more fields in the form require other conditions of some other fields in that form.
VDate Validates a date.
VEmail Validates a email address
VFilled Validates that the field is filled out by the user.
VFilledGroup Validates that a group of fields is filled by the user.
VFilledOnChoice Validates that a certain radio or checkbox button selected (or not selected) implies that other fields in the form are also filled out.
VFilledOnFilled Validates that some condition/state for a group of fields implies some other condition/state for another group of fields.
VPasswordGroup Validates two password input boxes to see if they are the same.
VSameText Validates two text input boxes to see if they are the same.
VSelectValue Validates that a select field has: some value(s) the values(s) are not a pre-specified value.
VText Allows for various types of text validation.
VTime Validates a time entered in a text box.

Exception Summary
SubmitHackedException /** Represents a bad (possibly hacked) value returned by the client.

Package fc.web.forms Description

Encapsulates HTML forms as java objects (Usage Diagram [in new window], Class Hierarchy Diagram).