Class TextArea.WrapType

  extended by fc.web.forms.TextArea.WrapType
Enclosing class:

public static class TextArea.WrapType
extends java.lang.Object

From the HTML spec:

  1. OFF disables word wrap. Text the user types is displayed with the exact line breaks that the user types. If the user explicitly inserts a line break, however, the break is included as part of the text area's value. The user has to scroll horizontally to see the ends of lines that do not fit in the text area element.
  2. HARD causes word wrap, and the line breaks are included when the form is submitted. The text wraps inside the text area element, and that the user does not need to scroll horizontally.
  3. SOFT causes word wrap, but the line breaks are not included when the form is submitted

Field Summary
static TextArea.WrapType HARD
static TextArea.WrapType OFF
static TextArea.WrapType SOFT
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Field Detail


public static final TextArea.WrapType OFF


public static final TextArea.WrapType HARD


public static final TextArea.WrapType SOFT