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Packages that use AbstractText
fc.web.forms Encapsulates HTML forms as java objects (Usage Diagram [in new window], Class Hierarchy Diagram). 

Uses of AbstractText in fc.web.forms

Subclasses of AbstractText in fc.web.forms
 class MaxSizable
          Represents an HTML field that accepts a 'maxlength' html attribute
 class Password
          Encapsulates a password field.
 class Text
          Represents an HTML text field
 class TextArea
          A HTML TextArea

Constructors in fc.web.forms with parameters of type AbstractText
VDate(AbstractText field, java.lang.String errorMessage)
VEmail(AbstractText field, java.lang.String errorMessage)
          Constructs a new email validator that does not allow empty email address as valid
VEmail(AbstractText field, java.lang.String errorMessage, boolean allowEmpty)
          Constructs a new email validator that allows an empty email address as valid if the allowEmpty argument is true.
VText(AbstractText field, java.lang.String errorMessage)
          Creates a new validator that by default only fails validation if the field's value is empty, that is to say, it's not filled by the user or is filled only with spaces (since spaces are removed before validation).
VTime(AbstractText field, java.lang.String errorMessage)