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Packages that use NamedParamStatement
fc.jdbc.dbo.generated These are sample tables, purely to show as an example of DBO generated code. 

Uses of NamedParamStatement in fc.jdbc

Methods in fc.jdbc that return NamedParamStatement
static NamedParamStatement NamedParamStatement.get(Connection con, String query)
          Returns a new instance of NamedParamStatement.
static NamedParamStatement NamedParamStatement.getScrollable(Connection con, String query)
          Returns a new instance of NamedParamStatement.

Uses of NamedParamStatement in fc.jdbc.dbo.generated

Methods in fc.jdbc.dbo.generated with parameters of type NamedParamStatement
static List alltypesMgr.getUsing(Connection con, NamedParamStatement ps)
          This is a convenience method that runs the specified NamedParamStatement to perform an arbitrary query.