The O/R tooluses a user specified configuration file that allows for many code generation options. This file takes the following configuration options. Here is a minimal sample configuration file.

To run the O/R tool, you only have to download and install the molly framework.

If this has been done correctly, you can say the following on your shell/command prompt:

  prompt> java fc.jdbc.dbo.Generate
and you should see usage instructions. Sometimes - due to the JDK not able to show resources from within a .jar file - these instructions are not displayed on the command line. In that case, you can still read these instructions linked above.

If you see a NoClassDefFoundError, then molly is not visible on your CLASSPATH. Take a break, drink a beer and try again.

Note, the O/R and the generated classes are independent of any web server environment. They can be run in stand-alone programs and/or inside molly server pages/servlets as needed. (To make these O/R generated classes visible inside your webserver, one typically has to place them in the /path/to/website/WEB-INF/classes directory).