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ya rly Here's the deal. I've been hacking Java since JDK version 0.98.

I really do know some Java programming (at least the classic parts)..

Over the years, I've paged in quite a lot of stuff into my brain. Hopefully, most of the bad crap has been paged out by now but it comes back ..sometimes.

So, there has been a massive proliferation of garbage API's in Java. In fact, it has gotten so bad with pile on, after pile on, of design by committee, language-level complexity, that Java (the language) itself is already dead. Or at least will continue to perma-inhabit a COBOL-like corporate zombie state.

It started with the Brain damage of Java Generics [do not use it as Ken Arnold says]. (the FAQ is unreadable and longer than the orginal language spec!)

Now, NPC's descend upon JavaLand like a plague of locusts.

Basically, to figure out if people they are any good (at least technically), you have to work with and talk with them a lot., It's a hard problem to solve, because each such interaction takes time and is hard to scale this up.

But Java has given us a unique gift: you can instantly tell if any person is clueless. Ask them what they think of: generics or hibernate or spring. If the instant reaction is not that of a blech-faced person trying to hold down vomit, then you know that person is a retard.

Whatever you do, do not waste your time discussing this topic with them, which I've done many times in the past.

Learn the awesome stuff well. Refuse to work on any project that makes heavy use of any thing from the shiat list. You'll be happy.

If you understand all this, and need to hire a project manager/consultant/code-monkey, feel free to contact me. Mention code NOTNPC so I know you've read upto here and agree.
  1. My rates are commensurate with that of an experienced developer. They will depend on the size/scope of your project and my availability.
  2. Discounts offered to non-profits and charities (depending on time/availability)