Package fc.web.servlet

Class Summary
Action Represents an action available to a servlet.
ActionMgr Manages various Action available to a servlet.
AdminServlet Allows tweaking of configuration parameters (such as log levels) at runtime.
AuthFilter An abstract servlet filter that only allows authenticated access to a resource.
DebugSessionListener For debugging session attribute set/get events.
FCBaseServlet A basic servlet that other servlets should extend.
GzipFileServlet Sends the specified file as a binary stream after setting the ContenEncoding to be gzip.
JDBCAuthFilter Implements a simple jdbc based authentication filter.
JDBCSession Stores session data into a database.
JDBCSession.Info Information about a session.
LoginServlet Logs in/logs out the user.
PathServlet A convenient base class for servlets that use path info (must be path mapped; extension mapped servlets (like *.mp) do not have any path info associated with them.
RawSQLServlet Raw SQL query servlet.
ServletPropertyMgr Loads properties for a servlet.
SessionUtil Misc utility methods for sessions and cookies.
TransactionToken Modified version of CommandToken class from the book: Web dev.
WebApp Application level global object running within a servlet web application (i.e., a servlet context).
WebUtil Misc web related utility functions