Package fc.util

Interface Summary
CustomCode Should be implemented for custom code functionality inside a Template.
IArgcheckFailHandler Argcheck failure handlers should implement this interface.

Class Summary
Argcheck This class is intended primarily for checking whether method paramaters meet various pre-conditions.
Args Manages arguments passed to an application.
BasicArgcheckFailHandler Handles argument Checker errors by printing the thread, time and stack trace to System.err.
CharRange A range of characters.
CharRangeSet A set of char ranges.
DateRange A range of dates.
DateRangeSet A set of date ranges.
FilePropertyMgr Loads properties from a file.
HAlign A horizontal HAlign enumeration.
MiscUtil Misc.
NanoWatch Allows measuring the start and stop time and (hence the elapsed time) of some event.
NetUtil Network related utils (including HTTP) (the servlet/WebUtil class is for servlet specific utils)
NumberRange A range of integral values.
Platform Identifies the current platform/OS that the JVM is running under.
PropertyMgr Implementations help load and manage properties from various sources including java property files, databases, custom file formats etc.
Queue A thin wrapper around a java collection that provides queue semantics (FIFO).
Range A range of values such as numbers, dates etc.
SimpleMail Sends a simple SMTP message.
SortedCollection Implements a Collection that keeps it's elements in Sorted order.
StringUtil Utility functions related to java.lang.String, i.e functions that are useful but not provided by that class.
Table Implements a simple table data structure.
Template Provides an ultra-simple template/merge type capability.
TestCustomCode A test implementation
ThreadLocalCalendar Useful to store thread-local calendar instances.
ThreadLocalDateFormat Useful to store thread-local date format instances.
ThreadLocalNumberFormat Useful to store thread-local number format instances.
ThreadLocalObject Useful to store thread-local instances of any object.
ThreadLocalRandom Useful to store thread-local Random instances.
ToString Makes creating toString methods easier.
ToString.Style Drives the formatting behavior.
Tree Implements a simple Tree data structure.
VAlign A vertical VAlign enumeration.
Watch Allows measuring the start and stop time and (hence the elapsed time) of some event.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
PropertyNotFoundException Exception thrown when a PropertyMgr could not find a required property.