Package fc.util

Interface Summary
CustomCode Should be implemented for custom code functionality inside a Template.
IArgcheckFailHandler Argcheck failure handlers should implement this interface.

Class Summary
Argcheck This class is intended primarily for checking whether method paramaters meet various pre-conditions.
Args Manages arguments passed to an application.
BasicArgcheckFailHandler Handles argument Checker errors by printing the thread, time and stack trace to System.err.
C Misc collection related utility methods.
CharRange A range of characters.
CharRangeSet A set of char ranges.
DateRange A range of dates.
DateRangeSet A set of date ranges.
FilePropertyMgr Loads properties from a file.
HAlign A horizontal HAlign enumeration.
MiscUtil Misc.
NanoWatch Allows measuring the start and stop time and (hence the elapsed time) of some event.
NetUtil Network related utils (including HTTP) (the servlet/WebUtil class is for servlet specific utils)
NumberRange A range of integral values.
Platform Identifies the current platform/OS that the JVM is running under.
PropertyMgr Implementations help load and manage properties from various sources including java property files, databases, custom file formats etc.
Queue A thin wrapper around a java collection that provides queue semantics (FIFO).
Range A range of values such as numbers, dates etc.
SimpleMail Sends a simple SMTP message.
SortedCollection Implements a Collection that keeps it's elements in Sorted order.
StringUtil Utility functions related to java.lang.String, i.e functions that are useful but not provided by that class.
Table Implements a simple table data structure.
Template Provides an ultra-simple template/merge type capability.
TestCustomCode A test implementation
ThreadLocalCalendar Useful to store thread-local calendar instances.
ThreadLocalDateFormat Useful to store thread-local date format instances.
ThreadLocalNumberFormat Useful to store thread-local number format instances.
ThreadLocalObject Useful to store thread-local instances of any object.
ThreadLocalRandom Useful to store thread-local Random instances.
ToString Makes creating toString methods easier.
ToString.Style Drives the formatting behavior.
Tree Implements a simple Tree data structure.
VAlign A vertical VAlign enumeration.
Version Prints a welcome message along with some class loading and env.
Watch Allows measuring the start and stop time and (hence the elapsed time) of some event.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
PropertyNotFoundException Exception thrown when a PropertyMgr could not find a required property.